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Significance of Female Judge Robes

Female Judge Robes: The Significance and History of Women in the Legal Profession The role of women in the legal profession has been evolving for centuries, and their representation in the judiciary has been a topic of much discussion. From ancient civilizations to modern-day courtrooms, the story of women in law is one of progress, determination, and resilience.

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Why Do Judges Wear Judicial Robes?

Why Do Judges Wear Judicial Robes? Have you ever wondered why do judges wear judicial robes? Are those judge robes really necessary to preside over a case and to pass judgment? Here in the West, it’s usually expected that a judge would wear one of those voluminous judicial robes. With about 700 years of tradition wearing these imposing robes, it’s no wonder we feel like they should be the standard for judicial attire. Let’s explore why judges wear robes. How did we pave this 700-year road of tradition? It was during the reign of Edward II, who ruled from 1327 to 1377, when judicial robes became the standard form of dress for judges in England. While they were usually the...

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What do judges wear under their judicial robes?

Have you ever wondered what a judge might wear underneath his or her robes? Do they wear serious business clothing? Are they wearing a fun T-shirt? An ugly sweater? Before we get to the answers, first, we should take a look at elements of the modern courtroom. It’ll be easier to understand why a judge wears judicial robes in the first place.     If you’ve ever seen a courtroom, whether in person or on TV, you’ll know they are big. Courtrooms were designed to look formal, relatively spartan in decoration, and as imposing as they are structured. The judge usually presides over the courtroom from a raised desk and station. And who can forget the black robes that the...

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