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Judicial Robe Garment Bag - Judicial Attire
Judicial Robe Garment Bag - Judicial Attire

Judicial Robe Garment Bag

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Custom Tailored Robe.
(Ships Within 14 Days)

Judicial Robe Garment Bag

Garment Bag

• Front Full Length Heavy Duty Zipper
• Lightweight, durable, and water repellent
• Bag folds with handles for easy carrying
• Top-quality construction guarantees long-lasting performance
• Protects graduation gowns
• Use your own hangers for easy and quick packing

In addition to offering a variety of customizable judicial robes, Acadima also offers apparel accessories, such as a Judicial Robe Garment Bag. After investing a quality judicial robes, it is important that you protect your investment. Our extra-long judicial robe garment bag can accommodate all styles of judge robes. Made of quality cloth, this garment bag will protect your robe from dirty, moths, and other risks. In addition, the bag also offers an easy way to carry your robes when on the move.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Brandon Bryson
Great service and product

I ordered a couple robes and I was pleased with the customer service and the turnaround on the order. Everyone was very friendly and helpful in answering my questions. In addition to the great service, I was surprised to receive my order in just days. I’ll definitely order from here again.

Mary S
Garment Bag

After ordering a custom judge robe with Judicial Attire, I added a garment bag. It came very fast and love the material.

Shauna Murphy

Bag was wrinkled and torn. Good customer service though, they quickly refunded my purchase.

James Towers
My Judge Robe fit perfectly

Judge robe fit perfectly inside. Nice construction. Great deal for only 15 bucks.

Rogelio Ramon
Judges Robe was great ! Loved the light weight material but the garment ribe’s bag was defected

The garment bag zipper was defected! Zipper was broken